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Balance adjustments like these allow an exchange to limit the risks associated with holding XRP in online hot wallets. XRP Charts is not a trading advisor. Were excited to be

working with Ripple, and were proud to have been selected by them to help exchanges and their users secure XRP. Charlie XRP Ledger 50,000 75,000 789 Charlie 50,000 25,000 Cold 100,000). Looking to buy or trade, ripple xRP ) with your national currency or digital currency. Alpha Warm 0 Alpha Cold. XRP Balances on XRP Ledger Alpha Exchange XRP Balances User Balance Acct # User Balance Dave 25,000 123 Alice 0 Edward 45,000 456 Bob 0 Charlie 50,000 789 Charlie 0 Alpha Hot. Charlie adds an identifier (in this case, 789) to the payment to associate it with his account at Alpha Exchange. Here is a list. For these reasons, Ripple recommends that institutions not create excessive or needless accounts. Ripple xRP ) trading sites, also broken down by volume. One or more hot wallets to conduct the day-to-day business of managing customers' XRP withdrawals and deposits. This document describes the steps that an exchange needs to take to list, xRP. We are pleased to see the continued demand for XRP via these new exchange listings as it ultimately enables us to provide our customers one frictionless experience to send money around the globe, particularly in those markets that need this service the most. For the purposes of this document, Alpha Exchange: Currently specializes in listing BTC/USD, wants to add BTC/XRP and XRP/USD trading pairs.

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