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The volt switch has a security plastic cover which can be removed with screwdriver and a sharp blade. Male end: 204pin Motherboard connector. However, check compatibility with your fitting bracket.

80 - Connectors : 24pin, 8Pin, 20pinĀ  special connectors. High quality and branded Computer Power Supply Units of all shapes and types. Note that the fan is at the rear of the PSU, near the cable exit. Special and rare PSUs, ATX, BTX, CFX, TFX, SFX. Click on the pictures for more info. Connectors : 24pin, 8Pin, 20pinĀ  special connectors. The latest PC gaming hardware news, plus expert, trustworthy and unbiased buying guides. Note : This PSU originally has a 204pin standard connector but comes with a Mini 24pin adaptor so it is suitable for most HP Pavillion Slimline Computers. Enter Komputer Mangga Dua Mall.5 Blok. Connectors : 204pin, 6Molex, 2Floppy, P4, Auxiliary ATX, Alarm reset, TTL signal. Size : 40x100x190mm.

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Rev 01 -Long PSU 180x150x85mm. Our PSU is a small 1U PSU supplied with a metal bracket adaptor. ST-352HLP: 230V only, 20pin, 6Molex, 2Floppy, P4, 8pin EPS, 3Pin fan connectors. Fits our racks EYE4800, KM4098 servers 9008, ECS5000. Ask for more adaptors (sata etc.) - MRT-6320P. Packing : Single box: 30x20x20Cm, 5Kg. Replaces FSP250-50PLB -Generic AT PSU. Buy 8Pcs and save 1 per PSU. Note : - Compared to the original ENP-2316BR, our PSU has the cooling fan at the other end.

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SFX PSU with the socket on the short side. Note : bitcoin ST-420BKP only comes with a DC 12v socket. 8pin CPU connector - PS3 PSU. This major PSU looks slightly different from the original DPS-160QB-1 A PSU but 3 out of 4 of the screw mountings are the same, which quotazione is enough to secure the PSU. 6Pin PCI Express adaptor. Packing : Single box: 25x20x10Cm, 1Kg / Bulk Box: 16pcs, 42x33x30Cm, 16Kg - Options : 2 sata. These 100mm wide 1U PSU are made from an 80mm wide 1U PSU which comes with an 100mm wide.7mm thick metal bracket bitcoin adaptor. 2 versions available : WTX version bitcoin : - Connectors : 24pin WTX, 8pin WTX, 8Molex, 2Floppy. Also for ATX, EPS12V with adaptors. Order a version with 1 fan only from the drop down list.

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Suitable replacement for: PS-275EH, compensation ST-300CPD, MPT-C275 more. This PSU is a brand online new, reliable, high quality PSU manufactured by the reputable brand FSP geografia (Fortron Source Power). It is usually OK but please make sure you have enough room in your. Packing : cash Single box: 25x20x10Cm,.8Kg / Bulk Box: 10pcs, 53x38x21Cm, 16Kg. Suitable replacement 350W PSU for most 100mm wide 1U PSU. Options : sata, 6pin adaptors. 80 - making Connectors : 20pin special connector. Certification s: TUV, CE, CB, Gost-R. Packing : Single box: 25x20x10Cm,.3Kg / Bulk Box: 10pcs, 39x29x21Cm, 10Kg. Connectors : 24pin, 8pin, 8Molex, 2Floppy, Optional sata. Order the version with arizona 1 fan only from the drop down list. Connectors : 204pin, 4Molex, sample 1Floppy, P4, 1sata.