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Loukoulos: i told you guys-ETH will drop -you didn't listen-now get this red cadles instead NotYoMomma: Ha! Passport holders though zoned: LetterFromNorway, using the trollbox correctly is an actual skill.

11-Year-Old Beats Albert, einstein 's Mensa, iQ, test. Ddos will be mitigated sooner or later joseph-54f8: Folks are selling the rumor warmitup: the previous eth hack really spooked people into panicing whenever a drop happens, lol XFIlow: lol it's cheap and its going to be even cheaper cclbyns: contact-5b5f, cheap? Can i post the forum link? Tv jw broadcasting sous titre francais. VEPfsr8BBdA8 it's worth 15 seconds SolarPowered: polo TIP: Talk about any coin you want. VEPfsr8BBdA8 it's worth 15 seconds Hotmetal: coolfarmer, ETH: "Don't panic. Normal iq niv, 7 dimensions. Better close your short buddy bingobongo: Explorer7, check the-pitts-circus movie project that is ethereum funded. Im like Whos this, einstein guy with the low 160, iQ score? Digidump: ETC mining is still fine lennontime: This just.

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Ashapasa: Will the price of eth rise or fall any advice? WhiteCoin: m/eth_classic/status/ SolarPowered: cryptoexchange, Fire away! Loukoulos: from Finex 'We are currently resyncing the ethereum Blockchain. Does it get read? HellorHighWater: thunderwolf, :D ctx: PinkPartyhat, just 2 week when i have bought nxt maxxflyer: here eth blockchain downloading like a sharm Know: micpro, and aren't you being dishonest and manipulating the market? Maltal34: ThenGodSaid, yepp micpro: kpb, ETC will probaby die because their total node count is like 5 ollbox: more pools switching over to parity x35599: ETH almost recovered adder samreader1: test Chewpacabra: Please refresh to see new notice regarding ETH deposits/withdrawals SupeRSoniC: devcon 2 tomorrow ollbox. Rippler: owlz1337, so you just make thing up and then say you have a nd the link ThinkingCoin: Thoth, if i spam, i sleep, scam is cad email protected : XFIlow has awarded python thunderwolf 1 mark (i tryed man) Xoblort: HellorHighWater, I went up by giving. Had to lol at that.

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BurstBearWhale: SolarPowered, sure thingy davecotton1960: what I hate most about ethereum is this personality cult around Vitalik 00null00: Broderline, what's your favorite cool dapp? Thoth: vectisitch, How many confirmations do you have on the blockchain? Blake:, billhale16, who told you poloniex is decentralized? Syaoran928: blake, well the roots of that doesn't really matter to me because as i see it for mass adoption, bitcoin if it does not change will never be used by the world PeaInMysouP: The shadow of legal troubles loom. Il demande deux de ses lves comment les oiseaux se dplacent : grce au champ magntique terrestre. Chewpacabra: PRO TIP: Anyone investing/trading in a coin should research it first. Micpro: Loukoulos, Might take ETC developers years to fix it Banhammer: NiceTryNewNAme banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by SolarPowered. Ioglnx: well eth going back where it dropped from the bad new SatSnatcher: people haven't figured out the technical aspect yet mzyns002: maybe we never see XMR at 170 again Rippler: etoque, I listen to interview where CEo said all the hard coding is done. Based on actual silver InnateIQ: horseking420, Definitely. Skarroum5: guys what best coin to buy now khaaaarl: Bad ETH, down, gla I went short hc77: stop panic, its geth ddos attack, nothing serious actualy for ETH, usual stuff. NeverRight: Wow, who has the fat finger on ETH? Rippler: cout, that was knida sneaky lol tone0018: so much freaking wild nonsense in trollbox right now KDjr: bye ETH lol edgarsxx89: Atention gents BTS Loukoulos: malekbaba, they will theredon't worry digidan: what is going on with ETH?

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Nous obtiendrons aussi le dernier masque, vous verrez qu'il roxx mais nous l'utiliserons seulement la fin de ce jeu. Everything is already up running SolarPowered: Botminator, You are welcome BurgerBaron: zoned, I just linux light one davecotton1960: really if its that easy to break ethereum, its a joke cout: blake, if i remember correctly wouldn't a memory exploit result in revealing data it shouldn't? X35599: DustOff, yesd BurstBearWhale: confirmed: ETH under a CEO attack Chewpacabra: Kamots, I do not know what client we use sorry JustSomeGuyNumberTwo: ChairmanMeow, 1 shorts: not funny m/iohk_Charles/status/ DustOff: x35599, ok, thanks warmitup: eth made a lot of enemies with the etc mess sandyjust4u: BurstBearWhale. Hahah mjdidi: just check youself Bane: Me krostue: oh eth zoned: /me puts coins on a paper wallet and eats it for safekeeping SolarPowered: gburenin, That link is fine lets just not spam it ok? You must be in heaven.